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Blanca Dairy Experience is an opportunity to hold work meetings and events in a unique environment while also learning about human nutrition, and health.

Located in Blanca from The Pyrenees at about 2 hours from Barcelona, The Green Unit (The Campus) offers its unique facilities to companies and institutions unrelated to dairy production to organize meetings, presentations of new products, and other events.

Blanca Dairy Experience offers more than facilities, our project is deeply rooted in professionalization activities, and we complement the visit to Blanca with a brief scientific (but divulgative) address aimed at sharing current knowledge about nutrition and human health.

Such a rewarding experience would not be complete without a guided visit to the different units of Blanca. Thus, after the scientific address, we will share our values and philosophy about dairy production. These values are visible throughout our facilities, the welfare conditions in which our animals live in, and our respect for the landscape and nature.


The campus, which consists of two spacious classrooms with capacity for 40 people each, as well as an auditorium with a capacity for 70 attendees, offers a multitude of possibilities to organize different events.

The two classrooms (A+B)are fully equipped with audiovisual appliances (projector, microphones, speakers…), mobile furniture, spacious windows, wardrobes, and great views to our natural surroundings.

Auditorium (C) provides space for 70 attendees with an excellent acoustics. It is also fully equipped with audiovisual material.

There is also a Reception (D) to welcome attendees and distribute materials.

Last, The Campus is confined by open green spaces.

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