Blanca, a Dairy Hub

Blanca is a Dairy Hub located in the Pyrenees.

Blanca is a meeting point aimed at integrating dairy producers, the dairy industry, and dairy researchers, with outreach and professionalization programs with a final objective:
Helping the dairy industry as a whole, disseminating the benefits of milk, and capturing the attention of knowledgeable and responsible consumers.

  • Behind Blanca there is a diverse team of people with a wide and long experience and participation in the dairy sector (genetics, production, facilities, software, research, heifer rearing, etc...)
  • It is a project with a strong professional and economic commitment.
  • Looks (and counts) for external collaborations with third parties.

Blanca is divided into four Units:

  • Black Unit - The Farm (Ponderosa Holsteins)
  • Red Unit - The Research Unit
  • Blue Unit - The Genetic Lab
  • Green Unit - The Professionalization Center


Black Unit - The Farm (Ponderosa Holsteins)
To produce high-quality milk with the least environmental impact and the greatest efficiency and animal welfare conditions. To improve the genetic merit of cattle.

Red Unit - The Research Unit
To foster improvement on efficiency of milk production through innovation.
it is the result of a collaboration between Blanca, ICREA, and the Department of Ruminant Production of IRTA where:
Blanca provides the facilities, animals, maintenance, experience and practical focus and ICREA and IRTA provide know-how and innovation.

- Oriented research (collaborations with companies).
- Basic research (aimed at improving efficiency of milk production):
- Nutrition, metabolism, and physiology.
- Improvement in cow welfare.
- Precision dynamic feeding.
- Regulation of the expression of the genetic potential of dairy cattle.

Blue Unit - The Genetic Lab
To foster the acceleration of genetic progress through assisted reproduction techniques such as embryo transfer.

- Differential genetics adapted to the target environment.
- Sexed embryos.
- Evaluation of the genetic potential of the embryo (future).
- Maximum expression of the genetic potential (future).

Green Unit - The Professionalization Center
Collaborate in the continued professionalization process of stakeholders in a practical, critical, and efficient manner to catalize a continuous improvement of the dairy sector.

- Differentiated education: interactive, practical, applied, focused.
- Access, visits, and stays in different production systems.
- Follow up in the implementation of knowledge through an innovative web platform
- External collaborations (IRTA, University of Guelph, University of Wisconsin…).