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Effective Continued Professional Development Programs

Learning at Blanca is a different experience.

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Our continued professional development (CPD) programs are carefully designed with our target professionals in mind. Blanca offers specialized professionalization programs for producers, veterinarians, consultants, and extensionists from all over the world.

The CPDs typically include 3 to 5 days of interactive and extremely applied learning sessions that start with the concepts and emphasize on their application. Our objective is fostering and implementing change in the dairy herd, and thus we strive of ensuring that concepts are integrated by the delegates and later applied in the field.

We believe it is important for professionals to leave their daily routines, spend a few days at Blanca just focused on improving their skills without distractions. Learning not only involves a passive reception of concepts, but also requires an active process of assimilating, integrating and at last implementing them. The interaction with other professionals and the lecturers during the CPDs, the inspiring surroundings of Blanca, and the facilities and technology within Blanca itself are effective ingredients to stimulate interest and learning.

Some CPDs have a package specifically aimed at guiding the implementation at the field level.
These packages are typically 2 months in duration and involve homework, discussions, and interaction among all delegates through an on-line platform.

Most of our CPDs are taught in English, although we provide simultaneous translation when all the delegates speak the same language.


A Blanca Dairy Symposium is an event to celebrating milk production and discuss key aspects of dairying. It typically includes three keynote speakers that cover the topics agreed between Blanca and the party promoting the event. Maximum number of delegates for this type of events is 50 people. Please, contact Blanca if you are interested in hosting a Blanca Dairy Symposium.

Green Unit (Development) | Blanca from the Pyrenees


This event is addressed to producers, consultants and people interested in genetics. Includes a visit to the facilities, a Blanca presentation, and a technical conference about genetics and their impact on the economics and profitability of dairy farms. The event finishes in the Ponderosa Showroom with a display of the best cows of Ponderosa Holsteins at the moment of the event. Please, contact Blanca if you are interested in hosting a Ponderosa Dairy Day.


This type of event is addressed to companies, institutions, and organizations unrelated to dairy production. The Blanca Dairy Experience includes access to the facilities, plus two divulgative conferences: one about dairy production, and another one about the relationship between nutrition and human health. Please, contact Blanca if you are interested in hosting a Blanca Dairy Experience.

Green Unit (Development) | Blanca from the Pyrenees

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We will offer a Blanca Proficiency program that will involve 7 modules or CPDs about economics, management, nutrition, health, facility design, reproduction, and calf and heifer rearing.

We are also putting together a Master for recently graduated students with an emphasis on implementing the concepts learned during the degree.