NC2042 visits Blanca from the Pyrenees


NC2042 Visits Blanca from the Pyrenees

The NC2042: Management Systems to Improve the Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Dairy Enterprises (Rev. NC-1119), is a group of professors from different US universities that focuses on the area of economics and environment as important aspects to take care of in the Dairy sector.
For their annual meeting, they chosed Spain, this time they came to Blanca, between other dairy spaces around the area of Cataluña.

NC2042 visits Blanca from the Pyrenees | Blanca from the Pyrenees

‘’Dairy farming is a highly integrated decision intensive system. It must rely on a systems approach to define options to maintain a profitable business, accountable to consumers for environmental impacts, product quality and animal well-being. Profitable decisions cannot be made without useful support systems.’’

NC2042 visits Blanca from the Pyrenees | Blanca from the Pyrenees

During their visit to Blanca they had the chance to have a deep view into the whole Project as well as visiting the facilities and spending an Interactive day discussing about the Dairy sector actual state in a special dairy landscape.

It was an honor for the Blanca team to receive the group and we would like to thank all the participants for coming:

Bradley Heins – University of Minnesota
Hugh Chester-Jones – University of Minnesota
Marcia Endres – University of Minnesota
Andre Brito – University of New Hampshire
Peter Erickson - University of New Hampshire
Gonzalo Ferreira – Virginia Tech University
Victor Cabrera - University of Wisconsin
Jill Anderson – South Dakota State University
Ken Kalscheur – USDA Dairy Forage Research Lab, Madison, WI
Jud Heinrichs – Penn State University
Mirelle Chahine – Idaho State University
Sonia Gelsinger – Penn State graduate student

NC2042 visits Blanca from the Pyrenees | Blanca from the Pyrenees

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